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Setouchi Kanko Kasseika Fund

Supporting the promotion and expansion of the charming products and services of Setouchi through investment.

Setouchi Kanko Kasseika Fund (fund for revitalizing tourism in Setouchi)

The Setouchi Kanko Kasseika Fund was established with the goal of revitalizing and promoting the local economy by providing the capital necessary to create and develop tourism-related businesses. As well as working to raise investment capital, the fund is also a chief financial provider of capital investment in the tourism industry and offers capital support to tourism-related businesses.



Fund Profile

Setouchi Kanko Kasseika Fund (Limited Partnership For Investment)
April, 2016 – December, 2025 (10 years)
9.8 billion JPY
Investment Targets
Tourism-related businesses in the 7 prefectures of the Setouchi region (Hyogo, Okayama, Hiroshima, Yamaguchi, Tokushima, Kagawa, Ehime), mainly ryokans, hotels, specialty goods manufacturers, local transportation services, theme parks, etc.


Operating Company Profile

Setouchi Tourism Partners Co., Ltd.
March 17, 2016 (began operations on April 1, 2016)
10-3 Motomachi, Naka-ku, Hiroshima-shi, Hiroshima
Seven Setouchi Banks, Development Bank of Japan Inc., J-Will Advance Co., Ltd.

Setouchi Kanko Kasseika Fund Contact Information

Setouchi Brand Corporation
Setouchi Kanko Kasseika Fund manager
Tel: (082) 836-3205 (Mon-Fri 9:00 – 17:45)

Other Services


This is a website for international visitors run by the Setouchi DMO. It provides tourism information for the Setouchi as well as a feature to book accommodations and interactive activities. Various marketing data is collected and through digital promotions such as video streaming.

Setouchi Finder

Setouchi Finder is a unique media outlet that aims to improve recognition and visibility of the Setouchi brand by providing information on the charms of the prefectures in the Setouchi area (Hyogo, Okayama, Hiroshima, Tokushima, Kagawa, Ehime) both domestically and internationally.

Registered Setouchi Brand

The Setouchi Brand is registered by the SETOUCHI Tourism Authority. It governs original products and services created with the unique resources of the Setouchi area such as its natural environment (islands and the inland sea), food, and history that combine to realize the Setouchi Brand identity. It aims to increase the brand value of “Setouchi” while improving brand recognition both domestically and internationally.

Setouchi DMO Members

Setouchi DMO Members is a membership-based service for local businesses (with a monthly subscription) that supports the development of sustainable businesses and the increase of business opportunities for companies and organisations as a result of the increased demands of the tourism industry in Setouchi.